TraceView Design & Development at AppNeta

We’re a team of systems hackers & web geeks. We tackle challenging performance and data problems using new and exciting technologies.

We’re Hiring!

What We Do

It’s getting harder and harder for developers to deliver a consistent experience to their users. That’s why we’re working on making the internet faster for everyone. This isn’t a job for just anyone—we’re looking for people who are passionate about performance of all kinds to help us analyze, visualize, and decipher mountains of performance data.

Hard Problems:
We Solve ’em

  • Tracing web requests Distributed tracing is a tough problem that requires solving interesting challenges in instrumentation and graph processing.

    Our technology, based on work done at Google (one of our investors), propagates a unique identifier throughout the life of a web request and reports back detailed information on performance and path.
  • Real-time processing Seconds after a request hits a customer website, performance data is incorporated in our charts. We’re processing web-scale data—terabytes of it per day—at web speed.

    Our customers rely on us to keep the data up-to-the-second so they can quickly solve their infrastructure problems; we rely on our code.
  • Make analytics smarter We’re way beyond averages—innovative visualizations and interfaces, as well as the engineering to enable their smarts, are the way we deliver value to customers.

    If you think averages and percentiles are just the tip of the iceberg, we'd love to talk.

Tech We Work With


Stuff we work with

  • EC2-based data collection and processing
  • “Big data” tech using a combination of open-source and homegrown tools
  • D3 visualizations and Backbone.js (well, TBone actually!)
  • Automated deploy and continuous integration
  • Plenty of Python, Javascript, and a bit of C/C++

Stuff we build

Besides TraceView we've started to open-source some of the code we use every day. Fork us, send a pull request, or ask questions. Enjoy!

Our team is distributed &

From here all the way to here

We are the TraceView
Design & Development Team

  • Chris Erway

    Chris Erway Chief Architect, Engineering Lead Chris hails from NJ/NYC and now lives in PVD, RI. Before co-founding Tracelytics, he studied systems & privacy at Brown and has a PhD in P2P. When not hacking, he plays trombone in local brass & drums band What Cheer? Brigade. He began his career as VMware's second intern in 1999, and first encountered “big data” in 2001 on the Blue Gene supercomputer team at IBM Research.

  • Dan Kuebrich

    Dan Kuebrich Product Manager (Application Performance) Welcome to devops adventure! You are standing inside AWS. Nearby is an angry ELB. There are some ssh keys on the ground.

  • Dan Tillberg

    Dan Tillberg Tracer of All The Things Dan is a web developer and author of TBone.js. He has a background in Physics and a penchant for data visualization and statistical analysis. Away from the office, Dan is passionate about user interfaces, automation, and using those skills together to cheat in RPGs.

  • Dan Riti

    Dan Riti Software Developer Former control system engineer turned full-stack web developer. Python addict and open source advocate.

  • Dave Costantino

    Dave Costantino Software Engineer (Server-Side Samurai) Dave is a native Rhode Islander, and an old-school explorer of the Internet who reminisces about the days of 9600 baud PPP connections and the Gopher protocol.

  • Dmitry Mukhin

    Dmitry Mukhin Software Engineer Dmitry has fun writing software at work. He enjoys spending the rest of the time with his family.

  • Geoff Gerrietts

    Geoff Gerrietts Software Engineer Armed with degrees in poetry and library science, Geoff thrives on exploring complex architectures and refactoring them into iambic pentameter. When not teaching Pythons to dance or DOMs to submit, Geoff is completely overwhelmed by his four children and three cats

  • Guy Lancaster

    Guy Lancaster Software Developer (at large) When Guy’s not instumenting some new server application he likes to build robots, study brains, and try to keep up with his son. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, and dancing and likes to try most anything that doesn’t have too much risk of great pain or death.

  • James Meickle

    James Meickle Developer Evangelist (Drupal Enthusiast) James started as a hobbyist web developer, even though his academic background is in social psychology and political science. Lately his interests as a professional Drupal developer have migrated towards performance, security, and automation. His favorite language is Python, his favorite editor is Sublime, and his favorite game is Dwarf Fortress.

  • Jesse Davis

    Jesse Davis Software Engineer Software engineer, system administrator, Jayhawk, Kansan and dad (three guesses as to which one tires him out most). I also drink all the coffee.

  • Lin Lin

    Lin Lin QA Automation Lin tries to read as much manual as she can stand, then google for the answer.

  • Mike Alexander

    Mike Alexander Dev Manager Love the never-ending rush of new tech solutions to discover, incorporate, and eventually discard. Working with such a bright team absent of any inertia keeps the taps on full!

  • Patson Luk

    Patson Luk Java Developer Your best MMORPG bubby! DAOC, Warhammer, Lotro, Eve online (OK…I admit I played WoW too…). A Java nerd that likes outdoor and tennis! Also, don’t mess with Patson unless you want to lose an emoticon war! O.o>T===

  • Rob Salmond

    Rob Salmond Support Engineer Load bearing support structure: "If you got a problem yo I'll solve it!"

  • TR Jordan

    TR Jordan Engineer Reformed physicist & full-stack hacker, for some limited definition of full-stack. Still harbors a non-so-secret love of Matlab-esque graphs and half-baked statistics.

  • We’re