The errors API presently features a single endpoint, for tracking the error rate of an application.

Error Rate

Error rate can be a useful indicator of application health. Performance improvements hardly matter if 50% of requests are 500s, right?

GET /api-v2/errors/<app-name>/rate

Get a timeseries line of the application’s error rate. Returns an object with attributes fields (field names) and items. Each item in the items list is a pair of values (timestamp, error_rate). The error rate describes the number of traces with one or more errors, per total number of traces.

Value Description
fields Comma-separated string listing the fieldnames
items List of lists; each sublist is a data point
timestamp Milliseconds since the epoch of this point
error_rate Error rate as a fraction of all traces

Each series will have ~100 data points in it (with appropriately varying step size), depending on the time_window requested.

The call responds to filters as outlined on the ref:latency page <latency-filters>.

Example output:

    'data': {
        'fields': 'timestamp,error_rate',
        'items': [
            [ 1353259500, 0.01 ],
            [ 1353259530, 0 ],
            [ 1353259560, 0.0003 ],
            [ 1353259590, 0 ]
    'response': 'ok'