The traces API presently features a single endpoint, for retrieving summary data about the trace.

Trace Summary

Sometimes it’s useful to get a look at a particular trace. The trace summary endpoint provides a high-level overview of a particular trace’s performance characteristics.

GET /api-v2/trace/<trace-id>/summary

Returns an object with three attributes: url, start_time, layers. The layers attribute is a list of objects. Each of the sub-objects has three attributes also: layer, tot_time, and num_calls.

Value Description
url The URL associated with the trace
start_time The start time of the trace
layers A list of the by-layer breakdown of the trace.
layer The name of the layer.
tot_time The total time spent in the layer.
num_calls The number of calls into this layer.

Example output:

    "data": {
        "layers": [
                "layer": "nginx",
                "tot_time": "0.013771,
                "num_calls": 1
            }, {
                "layer": "wsgi",
                "tot_time": "0.868434,
                "num_calls": 1
            }, {
                "layer": "sqlalchemy",
                "tot_time": "0.00997,
                "num_calls": 7
        "start_time": "2013-09-17T20:26:22Z",
        "url": ""
    "response": "ok"

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